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IMPORTANT: PebWuN is no longer being maintained. There were too many problems with the shoddy code that I don't care to fix. If I get some time, I'll grab the most recent Pebrot code and go from there... But 'till then, check out Adium.

PebWuN is a text (ncurses) based MSN Messenger client written in Python. There really isnt that much to say about it, other than its really pretty and it works well with screen.


9/16/05: PebWuN 0.1.0-RC2 released! Updated libgmail, some other stuff... I forget. Nothing huge.
7/21/05: PebWuN 0.1.0-RC1 released! This should be the first stable, mostly working, release! A must-have.
7/20/05: Finally! A list of commands for PebWuN! Check it out here: command_reference.txt
7/19/05: PebWuN 0.0.7 released on CVS and tarball. Big new feature (thanks to OM) is GMail mail checking!
5/07/05: PebWuN 0.0.6 released on CVS! New features - can check maildir mailboxes and vi-style movement keys (^a,^e,^u,^d)
5/06/05: PebWuN 0.0.5 released! A couple of bug fixes and small graphical improvements.
2/25/05: PebWuN is currently at version 0.0.4 and this web page is launched.


You can download PebWuN from SourceForge, or you can get the most recent code through CVS. There is a good how-to over at SourceForge (the module name is "pebwun"), or you can copy+paste this in to a terminal.
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P pebwun

The password is blank (just hit enter).


[PebWuN right after logging in]
More screenshots


Why is the code so ugly?
I wrote it in grade 9, as I was learning Python. I'm currently working on cleaning it up though.
Is a list of commands available?
There sure is! command_reference.txt
So, how many people actually use PebWuN?
As of now, I know of four five people using it. If you like it (or hate it), mail me at and tell me about it!
How do you use PebWuN?
I leave it running on my server at home, then connect to it using SSH and screen, meaning I can access it from anywhere in the world. There is a good description of screen over at the Linux Journal web page (this is a great magazine, if you were wondering) and if you get problems with pesky firewalls blocking port 22, change it to listen on 443 (https) - unless they are using packet-level filtering, you should have no problems.
What is your development enviroment of choice?
Why, Vim of course!
Why doesn't this FAQ help me?
Beats me! You could e-mail me and maybe I can help you!


Pebrot - Pebrot, written by Angel Luis Jimenez Martinez, is the great little program PebWuN is based on. Logo